Service manuals and user guides in FrameMaker

  1. HP Scitex FB500-700 Service Manual
  2. HP Scitex FB500-700 Supply and Takeup Installation Document
  3. HP Scitex FB500-700 Unpacking and Assembly


XML Authoring with Arbortext Editor

The documentation below was created for the Transportation division of HP using the Cheetah content management system and the Arbortext Editor.


  1. HP Agent UX Training Guide
  2. HP Agent UX User Guide


Video samples

Below are samples of videos I've create in Adobe Premiere, using Adobe Audition for the voice overs and Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop and Illustrator for the graphics.


Click Video Name to Open Video Sample

Discovery 2015

Internal HeatMaps Promo (StarWars)

HP Enterprise Services Operations Promo

Animated Character Training

Global Reuse System

EDGE Awareness Video

Global Quality and Improvement Video

Turner Construction Video

White Board Video

GRS Training

HeatMaps Training

Lighthouse Presentation



Flash programming example

Note: I have not been programming in flash for several years, but these examples show my creativity and technical ability to learn tools.


  1. Spare parts locator tool
  2. Coin game
  3. Art Gallery



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